Hi! Thanks for stopping by page!  This is a personal blog where I keep my thoughts and secrets.  I have two daughters, one with Type 1 Diabetes.  Being a mom of a child with a chronic illness has taught me a lot about patience and perseverance.  When I am not drawing up insulin, I love to kick back and read a good book (shout out to my Guilty Wives book club!), watch movies, exercise, and spend as much time as I can outdoors.

Growing up in a big family, I have an almost unhealthy dependence on my siblings and parents.  Having a family that accepts each and every member respectfully and individually is an ideal I hope to raise my family with.  We are all truly unique and have accepted one another as they are.

We make the most with what we have and it has always been more than plenty!  Keep up with my family and I here.